Hiking down from Mount Fløien

Bergen and mount Fløien on a fine day in late August.

The entrance to Fløibanen Funicular.

A few tourists and locals mingling outside deciding what to do.  Myself, I bought a one way ticket ready to hike down on this magnificent day.

Ready for take-off.

  It is 4 pm, two massive cruise liners in town, but by this hour lines have gone completely.  Departure every 10 minutes.

 Ah, the view from the top.

 The view from the top is really super and gives a perfect overview of the town and surroundings.

Go past the restaurant to find the path down into town.

 Once up there you can have a refreshment or just continue past the building to find your path back into town.


 Look out for these signs to keep you on the right track.  It is all very easy though – just head downwards and do not stray.

Here we come.

                                                Here she comes – the next train up.

The path is suitable for most.

 The path is easy and paved and can be done by most and also with a stroller.

Two massive cruise liners in.

 Two large cruisers are docked bringing thousands of people to the main attractions during the early part of the day.


 Feeling a litte tired or peckish.  There are many of these along the path for a rest or a picnic.


                                               Into the woods


                              and past the stream


                                         Rowan berries are ripe so autumn is definitely on the way.


 Some minutes down the path and mount Ulriken comes into view.  And no, they are not crows up there in the sky, they are paragliders.


                               The view a little further down when we reach the residential areas again.


                                          The ancient fire station


                               Almost down and this cozy B&B comes into view.


                                         One of those typical narrow cobbled streets.


                               A narrow lane lined with typical wooden houses.


 Well and truly down again I head for my favourite watering hole for some local brew.